About Me

About Me

I am a writer and web creator, creating content for my blog and YouTube channel. I’m also an adventurer; always looking for new experiences and exploring cities and wilderness near my home in Los Angeles, and beyond. I enjoy planning my next adventure, discussing television ad infinitum, and cooking for whoever is hungry.

I want to tell stories that inspire people in any medium available. I exhibit my complete honesty in every story and idea. When you get to know me you’ll find my enthusiastic support for whatever it is that inspires you. My work helps to cultivate an attitude of making connections between what people are consuming to their lives and to each other.

I believe that everything we invest our time in affects our lives. The question becomes: How can you become more aware of this influence in the things you see every day? In TV shows? In a yoga class? In the food you eat? In the people you see and interact with every day?

I want to inspire people to be more conscious about their lives and their environments. I can’t wait to get started.

Contact Me

Email: rachapierce [at] gmail.com

Find Me

Twitter: @rachapierce
Facebook: Rachel Pierce
YouTube: Rachapierce
LinkedIn: Rachel Pierce
Tumblr: morethanexist

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Rachel – I came over here from Yes and Yes to answer your question – but I can’t find an email link.
    I have been working on several televised concerts lately. Next week I am working on an actual live television event, which is pretty nerve wracking – The Grammy Nomination Concert, so I am going to Nashville this weekend (watch it next Wednesday!) Most of my career thus far has been on The Closer (on TNT) I worked on that show for six years.

  2. This Will Be: March Edition | Rachel Ann

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