This Will Be: September 2013


September is my favorite month. Probably because it’s my birthday month. And TV premiere month. And Emmy month. And the beginning of school month. And the beginning of jacket weather (well, in normal climates). Gah, I just love September so much.

Things that will happen this month include a few things that were teed up in August that will come full circle in September. In September I will become a member of the church I’ve been going to. I will be starting my final semester in college, despite being hundreds of miles away from the college I’ll be attending. And of course, this month, I’ll be going on a camping trip that I am in the process of planning.

I constantly seem to be forgetting my word for the year, fearless. I realize that what I need to do is set an even more specific goal each month within the larger goal for the year. September will be to set fearlessness. That sounds a little bit odd, but looking at what I want for this month my goals seem to mostly be to set more goals. Is that silly? Maybe.

But it’s also really timely for me. The beginning of the school year always seemed like a more logical time for me to set goals then at the beginning of the calendar year. Coupled with my birthday, setting goals is the perfect goal for me this month. A month of goal setting and routine making.

Some routine setting goals include washing the dishes, making my bed, and doing quiet time every day. I’d like to go to the library once a week. Coincidentally, DVDs can be checked out for only a week, so if I get one DVD every time I’ll be all set to come in every week. I will also have a lot of scheduling to do once I get my syllabus’ for my classes (syllabi?).

I am also going to spend some time out of the next two weeks coming up with goals for being 22. It seems that the new year is the time to set specific goals for the year, and my birthday is a time to set intentions for the year. I’ll use this time as a way to check in with myself on my calendar year goals as well as ponder what I’ll be doing with myself a year from now.

What are your plans for September?  Any big goals you’re got in mind for the month?


Happy Labor Day!

labor day

Happy Labor Day! Welcome to a silly, random holiday sponsored by the US government! Not that I’m complaining, but I actually have no clue how labor day got started or why we “celebrate” it. I suppose some celebrate more than others, but it seems to me that it usually involves barbecuing things and swimming.

There is no Writing About Writing this week, as I’m taking the weekend off from the internet and would rather not post an incomplete assessment. Instead I’ll put in a double helping next week for you to make it up.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last day of summer before the fall. Tomorrow I start a week of interning and schooling and planning (oh my!), but today is for a retreat from the world and doing my best to take on this heat. Wish me luck!

This Has Been: August 2013

I can’t remember the last time I was so productive during the month of August. Really. It’s been a long time. Usually August is just a throwaway month, but this year it’s been fantastic. And hot, but like I said the other day, I’m dealing with it. A few favorites from this month:

The beginning of the apartment tour
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A summary of summer
My TV list for the summer

Now, to tackle my crazy long to do list for August. I’m glad to say that I did pretty much all get everything done, and then some. Besides the planned things, I also got a fantastic new haircut, hosted my sister and one of my best friends, and started to keep much better track of my finances then I ever have before.

The big two, the ones that really needed doing were getting myself a mode of transportation and an internship, both of which I now have. I got a scooter mid-way through the month, and as of Monday this week it’s registered in my name. I’m going to hold off on information about my internship, but I do have one and will be starting next week when the school semester officially begins. I also have a lead on a second, but I’m still waiting to see how that pans out.

I got started on all the things I wanted to this month, some of them wont fully pan out until next month. For example, the writers group I started is full of people who went out of town for the last week or so. We met a few times, but we’ll kick off once everyone gets back with a writer’s lock-in. I set up a facebook group for a camping trip and in talking to people who want to go we decided to wait until it’s a bit cooler in September. I also attended all the sessions to become a member of the church I’ve been attending, but wont be confirmed until next month.

I’m going to call both networking and yoga studio finding a draw. I went to a few networking events, but not a ton. I mostly networked and grew friendships that already exist. I kept my eyes peeled for yoga studios and found a few that I wanted to try, but didn’t get the chance to actually try them. Not a complete failure, but not quite what I had in mind.

Overall I’m really happy with how things went this month, and I’m even more excited to get started on next month, but that’s a post I’ll leave till next week.

How was your August?  Anything exciting happen?

This Will Be: August 2013 Edition

Since I started school July 1st, there has been a handful of things that I knew I wouldn’t get to until I finished school in August.  I started the proper list of things to do last week and it includes everything from finding an internship and a car to a short list of online shopping.

Priority for me is probably to find a scooter.  I knew from the start that I would be able to manage through my truncated semester without a serious form of transportation, but that’s not going to be an option for much longer.  I need a reliable way of getting to who knows where I need to go.  I have the gear and the license, the only thing I need now is the vehicle.

Second priority has to be finding an internship.  I have a few leads and know sort of where I’m interested in going, but it’s time to pound the pavement and find one.  I sense cold calls in my future.  Ideally I would start an internship when I start my online classes in September, but I’m open to starting earlier.

Beyond that there are a few miscellaneous things I’d like to start planning, some of which is already in the works.  A writers group with some of my classmates from the fall, some secondary learning stuff with classmates from the summer, and a camping trip later in the month.  I want to go camping so bad you guys, I’m excited to put a trip together.

Also making up the list mentioned at the beginning of this post are a few events here in LA that I’m hoping will build my network, a few friends parties, and joining the church I’ve been attending.  I’ve also planned for helping out a friend with social media marketing (and possibly seeing if it’s something I could do some consulting in).  I want to find a yoga studio and I want to write the spec pilot for the IP I’ve been working on.

This month feels like a long list of things, but it also feels like it should be a long list if only because I’ve now gotten a decent sized chunk of unstructured time coming my way.  Starting Saturday I’ll be done with all school things and I’ll be on my own to schedule and coordinate myself.

What’s your plan for August?  Any big goal marks to hit this month?

Gun Control

I know next to nothing of gun violence. Nothing of that seering pain of loss. I was not aware enough to remember Columbine or plugged in enough to understand the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007. This is, in effect, the disclaimer for what I’m going to talk about here; my opinions, not on school shootings, but on gun control and culture.

Because even little old me, living under my rock, has seen the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook have been flooded with condolences for the families affected.  It is small change to say that I am sorry for their loss.  From a stranger on the internet it may mean nothing.  Or everything.  But that is not my goal in writing today.

Today’s post is what would be easily filed under an editorial opinion.  I am in no way claiming to have expertise in any of the above mentioned topics, but everyone has an opinion, even if it is based on fictional television politics.  Yes, I’ll admit, my knowledge of gun control policies comes from The West Wing. My limited knowledge of gun culture comes from a few years as a camper taking riflery, and articles I’ve read.

In the United States gun ownership is thought to be a right. Its at the beginning of our constitution. That right — weather real or imagining — is never going to go away. There will always be a debate in this country about how best to handle guns, and if there’s one thing I am very certain of it’s this: there is no right answer. There just isn’t.

If we are to continue as we are more things like this will happen. The key is not solely in changing the rules (while that should happen), but lies also in changing the way the rules are being taught. This is something that only exists on a individual, human level. If people are taught — no matter at what level — to treat guns as what they are, then and only then will our positive statistics rise.

Guns can be dangerous. They can be terrible, deadly things. They can also be a tradition shared between a father and son. Or a sense of pride when the targets are hit and a new level is reached. There is no shame in weaponry itself, only in what ends it achieves.

My thoughts and prayers to the families of Newton, Connecticut.  Prayers for the future as we move toward positive change, however that change will manifest.