Recipes and Wishes for Non-Existent Rainy Days

On the list of things I want to make goes: homemade tortillas and French vinaigrette.

How Campfire Chic does all the things.

Mentally prepare yourself for me talking way too much about Buffy the Vampire Slayer by checking out his list of 115 Reasons to Love Buffy.

Why breaks are necessary.

These ideas for rainy days make me want it to rain.  Unfortunately for me it’s been uncharacteristically sunny in San Francisco lately.

Become a morning person.  Sometimes I think that I am, but that’s really just an elaborate lie I tell myself.

Ask for things without being annoying.

Under the category of writing: Your character must make a decision, Pixar’s story rules (which reminds me to talk about Brave. later).

Rambling List

It’s been too long since I did a links post, and those stars and bookmarks add up.  Here’s what I’ve been checking out lately.

Bookshops in Berlin?  I’m taking notes.

Well, after my post on Girls I found these.  I still like the Downton Abbey ones better.

I’m always a little scared that I’m playing it safe.  Glad that this list put my mostly out of my wonder.

I can’t help but wonder if my TV list sparked Laura’s.  At the moment her’s is more comprehensive though.

7 Tricks to Write More with Less Willpower

101 Ways to Find Inspiration

I kind of want to start a blogging journal.

Just in case I ever choose to become a professional climber, I’ll take my cues from this gal.

In other news I am quite nearly done with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I’m waiting for the imminent waterfall of emotions.  I will probably have a brain dump of my thoughts on the series in the coming weeks.  Also, my two best friends are graduating and coming home this weekend, so that’s exciting.

Sometimes I Don’t Know What I’m Doing with My Life

I seem to be in a blogging rut.  I spent most of the past four days lollygagging around on the internet, and this list is pretty much what I have to show for it.  Not bad though, check it out:

I’ve recently discovered the blog The Write Practice which is giving me all sorts of great ideas about my writing.

While I’m not really a hiker, these hiking exercises are still pretty awesome.

27 Ways to Live Intuitively.  Awesome.

This could be useful –> How to Support Friends Who Are Trying to Lose Weight.

Stop Apologizing.  Seriously.

On keeping in touch with far flung friends.

Ideas for how to be productive.

This week: Tomorrow I have jury duty.  I was actually quite excited for jury duty until a friend of mine asked if I could help out on a production he’s working on in LA.  Now I’m just hoping that this is a one day event so I can high tail it down to Los Angeles.  Either way I am working on developing a pilot script for this contest and hanging out with friends.

Many Way to Get Stuff Done… Or Not

Oh this week.  How do I even describe it?  Quite calmer than last week, but still chaotic in it’s own way.  I think that perhaps all the things I was worried about last week were saved up during Freq Out, and then came up this week.  Specifically, I really stressing over next semester’s classes and living situation.  Solutions to both have come up, but I can’t figure out if they’re the right solution.  Anyway… I figured it was time for some links.

On accountability.

I love it when bloggers are willing to talk about the not so fun parts of life.  Not glad that there are not-so-fun parts of life, but… oh you know what I mean.

Loving this quote from Timothy Leary.  And a Proverb about the person I want to be.

Reasons not to give up blogging.

The post I’ve been waiting for all my life: How to Watch TV and Still Get Stuff Done.  Now to put it into practice…

The argument for Pintrest.  I haven’t made the leap yet, but maybe it’s on my way.

Yesterday was Paint the Night day for the Kony 2012 campaign.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but this letter is thought provoking.

How to Get Unstuck.  Fittingly, I’m writing this post from a Barnes & Noble cafe.

And completely from left field, this post pleases my inner Nancy Drew fan (it’s kind of a big part of me).

Lately: I’m on a bit of a Freq Out high in which I love all my co-workers.  I’ve been really excited for my 21st birthday… in September (in the meantime there will always be Berlin).  I gave a killer presentation in one of my TV classes.  Very excited.  My personal summer reading list is growing — and taking suggestions!  Booked tickets home for the summer.  Re-applying for my job and hoping for the best.  Anticipating Manifest, the end of the year festival.  If you’re in Chicago, come and check it out.

Just Breathe

This week is difficult to describe succinctly.  I’ve been watching a lot of TV.  Which is good.  In a way.  And bad because I get to be a bit overly emotional over television sometimes.  I didn’t get done as much homework as I wanted to, but that happens.  I still have this weekend, and I seem to be in the middle of quite the homework party.  And blogging.  We’re working on it.

I feel that in some time in the future this post on taking a sabbatical will be helpful in my life.

Travel Guides?  Yes please.  Isreal and London are both on my list, lucky me.

And traveling on the cheep.  Also yes.

I kind of really want to make one of these rope bracelets.

I know I should have shared all Downton Abbey related links weeks ago, but I’m currently working on a paper which requires me to rewatch the entire series (that’s right, I spent my spring break watching TV.  For homework.).  Anyway.  Pictures, name generator, and from the NY Times and The Huffington Post.

Also, this makes me mad.  In a good way.

This week I like: situations where it is acceptable to collapse on the ground in exhaustion, booking flights (more on that next week), dinners with friends, and how adult I feel when I finish paying the bills.

Of Stir-fry and Making Things

Guten Tag Freund!  I’m happy to report that I’m finally getting into the routine of the semester… 5 weeks in.  Also, this weekend I’m spending some time at and InterVarsity retreat called Winterfest.  I’m pretty excited for this.  There’s a pool there.  Anyway, links of the week.

How to deal with burn out.

Now I want to make stir-fry.

Two Yes and Yes things this week: On making things with your hands and magnetic Polaroid frames.

Speaking of working with your hands, this Guardian article is long, but awesome.

On not letting the adult world take over.

The Freedom Experiment talks about freedom in truth and I couldn’t agree more.

This week I like: thinking about summer plans in the theoretical (when I start having to deal with them in the actual they give me headaches), the series finalie of Chuck, Trader Joe’s (though the final verdict is still out), and busy days.

Uncreative Title

This week has been non-stop movement and work.  On the bright side I’m getting a lot done.  On the other hand I’m weeks behind on nearly every TV show I watch.

I’ve been thinking about finances lately, and looking forward to having a real job, thinking of budgeting as a dam or a water tower is such a great metaphor.

Such a pretty bracelet.

A friend of mine made a list of everyday thing to enjoy.

Ideas of what to get the person who has everything.  There is more than chocolate and for that I’m impressed.

My roommate and I had a hankering for cake this week.  That is all.

It is only with this article that I realized that my “Learn how to apply make-up” to do and my “Spend a month not looking in the mirror” to do are quite contradictory.

Homemade deodorant anyone?  I can’t decide how I feel about that.

Of Traveling and Knitting

Lots going on for me this week.  I feel like I’ve been going non-stop and yet still have a huge pile of things to do.  Not that I mind, I like being busy, it’s just that my roommate has far surpassed where I am in Buffy and it’s a little annoying.

I keep hearing about traveling with children despite the fact that I don’t have any, nor am I going to have any for quite some time, but this article is a new perspective.
More travel in the form of travel resolutions.
On learning to love yourself.

I love school and my part time job, but I still found these 6 Ways to Survive Your Day Job amusing.

Anyone willing to try a screen-free challenge with me?

This week I love: knitting, long (somewhat) intellectual conversations, Skype, having no free time, future tripping, and learning make-up.

How Have I Never Known?

Lots going on this week.  in my world and in internet world.  Some of my favorites…

My roommate gets back from winter break this weekend and I can’t wait to show her this time lapse video of travels.  She’ll also love this video about a solo trek across Iceland that seems to have been making bloggy round this week.

Some tips on blogging from Cam of Campfire Chic.

Four things to love about winter.

Five ways to fuel your dreams, and forty-eight things to be grateful about, both from The Freedom Experiment.

I may be a bit of a nerd, but I think this map that tells you what food is in season in your state is pretty awesome.

You guys.  Chai cookies.  How have I never known these existed until now?

Right Now…

gearing up for a new semester.  Buying textbooks, getting oriented in my new job, mentally preparing for schedules  routines, and homework.
meeting with people to plan for shows I’m working on this year.
cooking up a storm, in part because of a cooking blog I have in the works.  I’m not sure what it’s future is, but I’ll keep you guys in the loop.
finally getting back into a rhythm of blogging.
hopeful about plans being made this semester for the coming months and years.  Trips, gigs, and money-making all in the foreseeable future.
excited that it’s getting cold.  I’m abnormal like that.
This week I like: cooking, Downton Abbey, impromptu Once Upon a Time parties, taking care of my kitty, skype, and my Google Reader.