Comic Con 2014 PowWow

When I was a camp counselor we would gather with our cabins at the end of the day and go around the circle doing a powwow. The “pow” would be the low point in the day, something that was frustrating or disappointing, and the “wow” would be the best part of the day.

This year I managed to snag a badge for Comic Con. I was there for Saturday and Sunday and probably could have planned things out a little more in advance. Like I did with VidCon, I’m going to PowWow each day I was at the convention.

POW: Meeting so many new people at once. Another friend of mine who goes every year introduced me to her rather large group of friends. It was great to have some people to hang out with, but it was also a bit much for my introverted side. I kind of crashed from too much social interaction while we were waiting in line for dinner. Whoops.
WOW: Feeling like I finally got a sense for how the expo hall was set up. Last year I was only there for one day and I mostly walked around in a daze because I was so overwhelmed by it all. This year I managed to find a bit of order in the madness, which was quite calming.

POW: The realization (even though I knew it going in) that I wasn’t going to get to do some of the things I was really excited about. The lines were too long. The crowds were too much. And I was too tired. I definitely git a brick wall of tired on day two around 2:30. I was about to go into another panel when I realized that I should probably start my mini road trip before I got tired enough to fall asleep whist driving.
WOW: The Women of Marvel panel was definitely a highlight. I loved hearing about the female driven titles that Marvel has and the women who write/draw/color/manage/produce them. I’m so excited for the future of women in comics both as creators and creatives as well as the female characters that we see and will be seeing in the future.

All told it was an exhausting weekend, but I’m very glad I went. I am honored to be even a small part in the industry that puts these things out into the world. I’m excited that Comic Con is a thing I go to now, and will continue to be going forward. Every year I learn more and I’m excited to be learning and growing into this industry.

If you’re interested in seeing some of these thoughts in video form, let me direct you to this week’s YouTube video. And while you’re over there maybe subscribe to see more of my videos? I’ve very much appreciate it.


This Has Been: October Edition

This month was average.  Just as predicted.  I worked.  I schooled.  I blogged.  I networked.  I hung out with friends.  I went to a concert and a play.  I watched a lot of TV.  I started drinking a lot more water.  I lived.  Meanwhile, it got colder, people freaked out over the election, and I seem to have lost my camera charger.

Work was very busy for me this month as I was in production nearly every week this month.  Some weeks were smoother than others, but overall I’m really happy with how my show went.  If you’re interested you should check it out.  It’s a pretty neat exercise that I was one of the driving forces behind.  I’m not on camera (yet), but I made sure there was something for the camera to shoot.

Funny how school takes second to work lately.  If I wasn’t in school I wouldn’t be allowed to work where I do, but that’s neither here nor there.  School is good in that I like nearly all my classes this semester.  Lots of work done, and much more to do.

This month was interesting in that it was the month of networking.  On of my class assignments included creating an industry contact, and for that same class I went to an outside event that, while not being straight up networking, was fascinating to me.  I geek out when I get a chance to listen to educated television people talk about TV.  #nerd

Even I am somewhat impressed with my television watching from this month though.  I took on two new shows (Revolution and Elementary) and was also able to keep up with some favorites from last season (notably, Once Upon A Time and Fringe).  There are a few shows I’m undecided about still, but for the most part I’m truly impressed with what has been available this season.  Also, I watched a little bit of Mary Tyler Moore on the side and (finally) finished season 3 of Angel.  Two more seasons to go, but you know, small victories.

Overall I’m really happy with the average month that managed to be October.  There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of average once and a while (as long as I don’t get stuck like that).

Morning People

I know better than to say that I am a morning person.  Claim that I’m a morning person and I’ll likely be told by multiple people throughout the rest of the week that they saw this and they know it’s a lie.  But, I know that I do my most focused work before lunchtime.  Mornings and evenings (which isn’t to say I can’t do work in between, it’s just harder for me to concentrate).

Because I know this I try to schedule time to work on things in the mornings so that by lunchtime I can take a break.  This way even if I get nothing done for the rest of the day at least I’ll have been a bit productive in the morning.  Gotten done my small handful of things.

The problem with working in the morning — at least in college —  is that no one else is ever awake to answer questions as you have them.  You have to file things away so that you can call people later.  This was especially problematic last week while I was trying to put together scripts at 10 am (not crazy early if I may point out) and the whole business was quite dependent on guests responding to me.

What’s a girl to do?  Well, for the most part I just try to get things that require other people’s responses done in the evening time slot.  That works.  Sometimes.

History of Berlin

When I was younger, we would wonder aloud amonst each other how countries and peoples who were on the losing side of wars and disagreements would teach them in school. How did the South teach the Civil War? What did they say about Hitler in Germany? When someone is “wrong” how do they say that to the younger generation?

But the world isn’t that black and white. There is not always wrong and right in the moment of decision, only what looks right from what you can see of the near future. It is only now that I am here in Berlin that I am able to get the proper perspective to see how these things happen.

In the United States, we teach our own perspecive. We see how World War I leads to the Golden 20’s and the stock market crash brings on the Great Depression. We can clearly see how the United States enters World War II, but it is foggy to us the idea of why the war began to begin with. How the rest of the world also had this progression of World War I, the 20’s, the stock market, and the Great Depression.

A more grown up and (I hope) wiser version of me is beginning to understand how a country can be so willing to try anything to return to normal. After the great depression, the German government was in shambles, opening the door for a new political group, the third reich, to come to power. No one ever told little me how desperate people were for change and how good Hitler was as convincing people that things were going to be better under his command.

Being here in Berlin, I am able to see more clearly how these transitions happened. I have begun to humanize the past, seeing anew the ways that history changes a place, a nation, a people. Here, representing fourteen countries all around the world, I see how history changes the culture and the ways of living. We are all so different, but we are still all the same.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My roommate last night, trying to stay up late so she adjusts to the time difference in San Francisco.  She’s left early this morning; her perfect scenario. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I knew when I started college that there would be a year that I wouldn’t get to go home for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), and it appears that this is it.  I was working all afternoon and evening today and have work again bright and early Monday morning, so it made sense that this was the year I stay in Chicago.

Overall I think it’s shaping up to be a pretty good weekend though.  Today I’m going to Grandpa’s house for some Turkey and hoping to bring home plenty of leftovers.  Saturday I’m going to a Doctor Who convention with my old roommate.  I’m kind of super excited for the nerdiness that is sure to ensue.  Bring it on.

This year I am thankful for family, friends, and inspiration.  Speaking of inspiration, I’m working on a new weekly series that I’m super excited for — get excited.