Writing About Writing (week of June 3)

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Last week I had hoped to work on more focused blog content.  Definatly happy with what I got done on that front.  I’ve been spending a lot more time working on my blog lately, and I think I’m seeing some return (If you’re new here, welcome!)  I also wanted to start planning for and applying to internships for the fall.  I sent one resume and cover letter out for a volunteer gig.  It wouldn’t “count” for anything other than be awesome to do and to put on a resume, but I’m excited about the possibly.

This week my goals are a lot less writing focused and a lot more living arrangement focused.  I have a lead on a place in LA, but would like to make some progress on that front.  Getting in a lease application, or possibly two would be ideal.  Of course I will continue to concentrate on blog content, and I want to try and get a bit of a safety net up for when I start classes again next month.