Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving has probably always been my favorite holiday. There are no gifts to worry about, no huge amount of decoration, and depending on your location, a lot of the really crazy weather hasn’t quite settled in yet. Thanksgiving is the most relaxing holiday, where the only thing to worry about is food. And I love worrying about food. My personal tradition of over analyzing the Macy’s Parade is going to be starting as soon as it’s on TV (time-delayed because I’m on the West Coast), and I can’t wait.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with delicious food and good company. I know I will.


Recipes and Wishes for Non-Existent Rainy Days

On the list of things I want to make goes: homemade tortillas and French vinaigrette.

How Campfire Chic does all the things.

Mentally prepare yourself for me talking way too much about Buffy the Vampire Slayer by checking out his list of 115 Reasons to Love Buffy.

Why breaks are necessary.

These ideas for rainy days make me want it to rain.  Unfortunately for me it’s been uncharacteristically sunny in San Francisco lately.

Become a morning person.  Sometimes I think that I am, but that’s really just an elaborate lie I tell myself.

Ask for things without being annoying.

Under the category of writing: Your character must make a decision, Pixar’s story rules (which reminds me to talk about Brave. later).