Feels Like Home: Work Space

As I am only just now getting to the point where I feel like I’m living in this space instead of just inhabiting it, I want to take some time to show how I’m using it.  Since the whole apartment isn’t ready to be shown yet, I’m going to be doing this in stages.  Today the part that’s ready is my works space.


The entire wall to the left side upon entering the apartment is taken up by a long table that serves as a media space and a desk/work space.  I never work and watch TV at the same time, so my desk being so close to the TV isn’t a problem.  I love the way it looks when I come in, clean.


On the media side I’ve got a cart (it was in the coffee table section of the store, how bizarre, right?) loaded up with my printer and all the devices to hook up to the TV.  I love that all my electronics are on a cart that I can pull out when I need to use the copy function on the printer or re-arrange the cords in the back.  Makes my life that much easier.


On the desk side of things these drawers are slowly filling up with knick-knacks and office supplies.  In general, the top drawer is pens, chargers, and other often used items, down to the bottom drawer of envelopes and “bulk” extra items (more business cards, box of pens, ect).

The pillow was a gift from my grandma because she heard I was going to go to London to do study abroad…. Well, that was the plan.  It moves around and is sometimes swapped with a city-scape one I have that’s the same size and shape.


Currently on my desk top I’ve got my laptop and mouse, my journal and phone, my planner and notes, along with a water bottle and a cup for water.  I always try to have water on hand while working, that way I don’t have to get up.  Just planning ahead.  And planning for the rest of the week.


Lastly the stuff on the wall above the desk area.  This will change and evolve over time, but for now there’s not much to see.  A cool looking logo from a company my class toured (top left), and a sticker from a speaker (bottom, snakes).  I’ve got a “Come Back For Me” notice from the LA county shelter (more on this later in the week), and my American Airlines info is covered with a white post it.

The Want/Will/Wont list guidelines are derived from this episode of Sexplanations (awesome web series, check it out).  It’s a system of figuring out what you are looking for in a situation and then something to consult when making decisions (I’m not explaining this well, watch the video).  The Ideas/(?)/Understand/Summary chart is a new system of taking notes I’m trying.  We’ll see how it goes.

The table is a desk from IKEA.  The cart is also from IKEA and is listed as a coffee table.  The TV and Blue-Ray player are from Best Buy.  My printer is an Epson Artisan 730 I got on sale at Staples.  The blue basket and the lamp are from Target.  The chair is from a thrift store and the London pillow, backpack (Osprey‘s Flap Jack Pack), and my Roku were given to me.


This Has Been: June 2013

new apartment

This month has been bizarre. And also awesome. From hanging out and going to yoga with friends to working my way though some fantastic TV, and MOVING TO LOS ANGELES, I’ve had a great month. A few of my favorite happenings around here:

  • I went to a screening of Much Ado About Nothing (I wrote this review from a festival screening, but still went to see it again once it came out in theaters).
  • Yoga is awesome.
  • I said goodbye to my home city.
  • And hello to a new one through memories of past moves.
  • I quietly launched a new series about cooking. Recipes and the like in the works!
  • Speaking of in the works, I also talked a bit about how I approach blogging and how that’s changing.

My biggest goal of the month (moving to LA) was passed with flying colors, I moved into a new apartment on the 19th, signing a years lease to live in the City of Angels. Well, if you count a handful of boxes and some IKEA furniture “moving in”. Most of my stuff is still in Chicago, so I’m trying out minimalist living for a little while.

Two of my goals involved organization and planning. I wanted to plan out my day the night before, and put together a new focus for the blog. Day-planning was successful to an extent. I didn’t plan every day, but I did notice a great increase in productivity on days that I did plan for. Encouraging, now to make it a habit.

Blog re-focusing was a little more vague than I had intended, but I did come up with some new blogging goals of having series/reoccurring topics on the blog. Some of this I’m still trying to figure out, but you can see what I’ve got so far in my new page on series/topics. I also am trying to be sure that new content is more heartfelt. By showing more of myself I hope to be able to connect better with you all.

My other goal was much more concrete. I wanted to post two vlogs onto my YouTube channel. So far I still don’t have any subscribers there (be the first!), which is fine because I’m still trying to figure out how my channel fits in to my life. This was not a success. I posted one, and filmed a second, but haven’t even edited it yet.  Editing is probably going to be the bane of my YouTube existence.

Another goal that was met this month – well met a few months ago, but I discovered was met this month – was making the deans list.  I got a letter from school saying that I made the deans list for the spring semester. This was one of my birthday goals, so I’m glad to hear that I made it! Just the summer and fall semesters to go, we’ll see how I do.

What did you do this month?  I’d love to hear about you guys in the comments.

This Will Be: April Edition 2013


Here we go!  This month is going to be full of new experiences and I’m super excited for all of them.  I should probably do this more often, but I’ve been thinking about my theme for the year: FEARLESS.  This month is going to have to be embodiment of fearless.

The program I am a part of will be ending this week, leaving me with oodles of time, just as it was before I started school.  This round I think I have a little bit more direction of what to do with my time.  Starting in mid-April my “full-time job” will be applying to internships and writing.  I am also planning on posting ads for babysitting and nanny-ing.  If I’m going to have a pay-the-bills job, I want that to be it (know anyone with kids in LA?).

Along with the program I’m working on, my temporary housing will also be up soon.  This means that I will be finding a new place to live in April, moving, and settling into a new place.  If my academic plan works out (I register April 9th!) I should be able to sign a year lease and actually be able to commit to it.  This may include buying a futon.  IKEA here I come!

I plan on taking a test to get a motorcycle license, and looking into buying a scooter.  Driving has never been appealing to me, so this seems like the best alternative.  This will mean learning how to drive it and also trying to learn some of the basic mechanics behind it.

This month will also be about building a community.  Now that I will be able to focus less on school I will be able to start meeting up with old friends and making new ones through my church.  I want to join a community group and really grow some roots.  My class will also likely do meet-ups as a writing group which I’m excited for.  I will also finally have the time to meet up with other people from school who I keep meaning to call.

What are you all doing this April?  What’s the most FEARLESS adventure you have planned for the month?