And the Kitchen Sink: No-Cook Tuna Salad on Toast

Lately I’ve been eating terribly. Not that I’ve been eating junk food per se (though I did get a box of dairy-free, mini ice cream sandwiches that I’ve been eating a bit quickly), more that I haven’t been eating enough or at the “right” times.

Since getting out of school I’ve been eating haphazardly, when and if I feel like it. Some days I’ll sleep in later than I’ve slept in in my life, leading to tacos and yogurt being consumed at noon. Some days I get so wrapped up in Fringe that I don’t eat anything resembling dinner until nearly eleven and even then it’s just a PB&J (side note: PB&J kind of a miracle food, if you’re in a hurry and need to make a quick decision, make it a PB&J).

Part of the response to this is making meals as simply as possible. And in this heat, there’s super points for not turning on any heating implements at all (this is a bit hard without a microwave or toaster oven).

The solution (of course) is no-cook meals.  Everything on toast.  Cold soup.  Simple sandwiches.  And every once and a while a take away meal.  (though I’m trying not to do that too often).  Today is Tuna Salad on toast.

tuna salad

canned tuna
2 T. mayonnaise
1 T. mustard
1 chopped celery stalk
1 chopped carrot (not pictured)
3 T. grated cheese
salt and pepper to taste
slice of bread

This is pretty much the simplest thing ever. Just mix all the ingredients together with a fork, toast the bread, and put the whole caboodle on toast. Sometimes I skip the cheese in the salad and then grill it into a tuna melt sandwich, but it is just too hot for that lately. Toast sandwich is it.

I’ve been making a variant of this since I was about twelve, and the ingredients pretty much depend on what in the fridge. Leftover onion? Yup. Try it with Goat cheese? Provolone? Be my guest. You can also do the same thing with chicken which is equally as delicious.

Serve with Iced Tea and the knowledge that there’s probably enough nutrients in this to hold you over for about half a day.  Possibly an apple.

What’s your favorite no-cook meal?