Writing About Writing (week of April 22)

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original spec – theme and drive ideas
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Last week included an in-state move of all my belongings from LA to SF.  As such I’m okay with the severe fall off of writing besides journaling from Wednesday onward.  I’m just starting to get back into the swing of things.  I was pretty happy with the work I was able to do on original specs in the mornings and hope to return to that this week as I re-stabilize my routine here in San Francisco.

This week I’m just hoping for a return to my set writing routine, and some blogging.  I really don’t know what else to anticipate of this week on any front, so I think I’ll leave it at that.


Writing About Writing (week of April 15)

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original spec – notion and letter plots
notes – Oz, Mosaic

Last week was both eventful and slow.  I kept busy, mostly reading, going to the library, and watching movie musicals about the founding of the United States.  Writing-wise I didn’t get in as much as I would have wanted, but in other areas I’ve been quite chuffed with all I’ve been able to do.  Also, while it wasn’t writing I did manage to pull out a project from last semester that I’m interested in revisiting.  I just re-read what I have and came up with a few ideas of where it could go.

I found a potential apartment and applied for academic clearance to determine if I can actually stay here.  I joined a small group and found an organization to volunteer with, assuming I’m able to stay.  Of course immediately after I determined a plan I found out that it could be weeks before I get cleared.

This week I’d like to add to the routine I’ve started of journaling and quiet time in the mornings.  I want to add some more serious writing to that list, starting with the project I read through last week.  Down the line I’d like to be waking up early to get in at least an hour or two of writing, but this week I’ll start small.  I’d like to write for half an hour every morning before breakfast.

Writing About Writing (week of April 8)

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Last week was tough.  I spent most of the week looking at apartments and trying to motivate myself to do my taxes.  Not a fun week.  I had been hoping to start writing or start re-writing a new spec script, but I can’t seem to motivate myself for that even.  It seems that apartment hunting has sort of completely zapped me of any and all energy.

I’m not sure I should expect anything more out of next week.  I don’t even know where I’m going to be next week much less how much writing I should expect to get done.  My intentions for this week are pretty much what my intentions for last week were that I didn’t get to.  Keep writing, start a spec, blog more.

Writing About Writing (week of April 1)

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school – spec writing
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school – spec writing
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resume updating
Wednesday: journal (1)
school – spec writing
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school – spec writing
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Sunday: blog – this post

Last week my goal was to finish out the semester strong.  I’m happy to say that I finished my sample spec and sent it in before 10pm on Thursday.  42 pages worth of script, one of the most complete stories I’ve ever written and I’m extraordinarily happy.  In fact, the past three days have been spent in a bit of a stupor.  What next?  Leading very nicely into…

Next week.  I have no clue what next.  A few life things that need to be sorted including registering for next semester and finding a permanent place to live here, but writing-wise I can’t quite decide.  I’m going to keep writing here, for sure.  In fact I hope to pour a lot of creative energy into this blog in the next few weeks and months.  Now that I’m officially on break I’m pumped to be working on whatever I like.

One thing I’d like is to work on a script.  I have an idea for another sample spec, but may return to an original that I was working on last fall.  I can’t quite decide, but either way I want to start something.  I’m hoping that some of the people from my class will help me decide what to work on.

Writing About Writing (week of March 4)

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Last week was… a little bit bizarre.  Since I came in with no expectations what-so-ever, I’m not quite sure how it’s measuring up.  I suppose I thought I’d be doing more writing, but as it is I’m reading a lot of scripts which is fantastic research.  I’m just not sure how to count that as a part of my reading goals.  My writing goal last week was to focus almost entirely on school and to that I’ll say–success!

There are two big projects in the course of this program.  One is that each individual is writing a spec script for an existing show.  I am hesitant to say what I’m specing here, because I’m still nervous over weather I’m going to be able to pull it off.  I’ll be totally honest, I’ve never finished a full length spec script in my life, so this will be a feat to pull off.  Guys, pray for me.

The second project is a collaborative effort in which we are developing our own TV pilot.  I’m really excited about this project and I’m hoping that something awesome comes from it.  I’m already putting together my dream cast and planning episodes into season 2.  I should probably stop that though, since every time I start that, my ideas get turned around when I start talking with the group.  It’s just a really fun project and I’m excited to see where it goes.

This week is going to be more of the same school-wise, with a little bit of amping up writing wise.  We are going to have a beat sheet and outline for out specs by the end of the week and will be able to start writing them in ernest.  Hopefully I’ll be able to hit the ground running and get off to a good start.

The Truth in Question

I am sometimes amazed by the difference in ways that I write.  Sometimes the words simply appear in my brain as I type them.  Or even as I walk down the street, wiating to be written down.  Begging me to stop and collect them.  Other times writing is painful.  Each word in itself a slow, difficult decision.

It is the same struggle that every writer has had.  There is nothing new under the sun and even writers block is included in the old adage.

The question I feel will never be answered is how to create the flow of words from the stoppage of them.  When no words come, how do I force them.  There is the old childhood attitude of waiting for inspiration to strike, but that becomes impractical over time.  What is the plan for when that stops working?  How do you create a time of focused work?

The answer I hear is scheduling.  I’m not at all sturprised.  Timing is key to everything.  At the moment though, the only thing I have to temper writing is relaxation.  It feels bizarre to say the least, to schedule watching television and reading.  But perhaps in that insanity lies the truth of productivity and creativity.

Could that possibly be right?

Writing About Writitng (week of February 18)

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Writing challenge
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fanfic – (master list)
Sunday: journal (1)
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Last week was rather uneventful, as much of this break has been.  Most of my writing was journaling, and wasn’t exactly ground breaking, however I was able to break out of a little bit of a rut by writing some fanfiction* and doing a writing challenge put on by terrible minds.  I didn’t post it, but I am glad to be writing something new.

The writing challenge also sparked me to write up my own set of challenges for fanfiction.  I call it a master list, and I haven’t written one up in ages.  It’s sort of a choose your own adventure FF challenge creator.  In one column is a list of characters, pairings, or friendships that I am interested in writing, and in a second column is prompt list, usually one word or phrase to spark something.  These usually turn into a whole host of one shots and nothing much more, but it’s a good way to get my pen moving.

Next week is going to be busy with settling in to a new normal of living in LA.  Mom and I are driving down there today and are moving all my things in.  I’m excited to be getting started on this semester.  Finally.

Writing-wise I’m hoping to do lots of journaling and get down some preliminary ideas for my projects this semester.  I am going through the assigned reading and am taking a few notes of what I hope we’ll stalk about and things I want to incorporate into my writing practice.  I’m trying to think of writing as a habit.  One that if I get into, I will be able to keep up even if I don’t have a specific deadline to aim for.

*On occasion I write fanfiction.  I don’t know where this falls in the category or professional or personal writing (probably somewhere along “other”), but it gets me writing and I’m happy for that if nothing else.

Writing About Writing (week of January 28)

Monday: journal (3)
Tuesday: journal (1)
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Thursday: nothing
Friday: blog – finish guest post
Saturday: journal (5)
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Sunday: journal (1)
blog – you’re doing it wrong
super bowl twitter marathon

Nothing to exciting to report writing-wise this week.  It a a bit of a crazy week, dealing with a family thing early in the week and a surprise road trip later to look at housing options in LA.

I’m not going to set any specific goals for next weeks since I have no idea what the next week will bring.  I’m going to try and take it as it comes and write everything down.

Writing About Writing (week of January 14)

Monday: journal (3)
blog – midseason
Tuesday: journal (7)
Wednesday: what I want
How do I…
Thursday: journal (2)
dream and some project work
blog – Youth Lit.
Friday: nothing
Saturday: journal (3)
blog – Fringe outline
Sunday: nothing

Last week I was successful in logging more than 20 hours, clocking in with 26 and a half.  While I didn’t get to a coffee shop to work, I did otherwise get out of the house nearly every day this week with the exception of Saturday.  I will also call script writing/planning a win, though a small one.  Writing out my dream wound up giving me a decent plot to go with that I plan to work on a bit more next week.

Next week is looking a little lonelier so far, so I very well may employ the coffee shop work tactic.  Mostly this is just a way of getting me out of the house everyday, which is the main goal.  I also really want to amp up communication as I am trying now to find myself housing in LA for while I’m there… if anyone knows of someone or somewhere I could rent a room from let me know!

Rambling List

It’s been too long since I did a links post, and those stars and bookmarks add up.  Here’s what I’ve been checking out lately.

Bookshops in Berlin?  I’m taking notes.

Well, after my post on Girls I found these.  I still like the Downton Abbey ones better.

I’m always a little scared that I’m playing it safe.  Glad that this list put my mostly out of my wonder.

I can’t help but wonder if my TV list sparked Laura’s.  At the moment her’s is more comprehensive though.

7 Tricks to Write More with Less Willpower

101 Ways to Find Inspiration

I kind of want to start a blogging journal.

Just in case I ever choose to become a professional climber, I’ll take my cues from this gal.

In other news I am quite nearly done with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I’m waiting for the imminent waterfall of emotions.  I will probably have a brain dump of my thoughts on the series in the coming weeks.  Also, my two best friends are graduating and coming home this weekend, so that’s exciting.