This is the hub for all things media related.  Along with majoring in television writing and producing, I am also living in LA and looking for work in the industry.  So far I’ve interned as a PA web series, been an extra, and attended Writers Guild events to hob-nob with the pros.

Since TV and media is something I’m heavily invested in, it’s something I blog about on the regular.  Check in every Wednesday for a new TV/media post, all of which can be found here (warning: sometimes other material also gets caught up in this category).

Some of my favorite TV/media posts:

Production is Magic
A Day in the Life of a P.A.
Cute is not the Goal

I Ship It
The TV Watch List

Thoughts on Series:
Buffy Series (F v. SShipsCharactersForeshadowingEnd)
Angel Series (TeamDeathsRedemptionEnd)
House of Cards
 (final thoughts)
Band of Brothers

If you’d like to see an overall best of list start here.  For links to all reoccurring topics and series, go here.

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