The TV Watch List

My list of television to watch is insanely long.  I will try to keep it as up to date as possible, but please forgive any errors.  I’m also going to add a list of (and links to) shows that have been canceled for a while now, including a few that I consider vital to my television education, as well as adding mini series that I like.

Currently Watching — Shows that I keep up to date on either through recording them or watching them live.

Sunday – Once Upon A Time official wiki IMDB thoughts
The Good Wife official wiki IMDB
The Mentalist official wiki IMDB
Monday – Revolution official wiki IMDB thoughts
Tuesday – NCIS official wiki IMDB
New Girl official wiki IMDB
Wednesday – Modern Family official wiki IMDB
The Middle official wiki IMDB
Psych official wiki IMDB
Thursday – The Big Bang Theory official wiki IMDB
Elementary official wiki IMDB thoughts
Community official wiki IMDB
Friday – Nothing
Saturday – Nothing
Other – Downton Abbey official wiki IMDB
Doctor Who official wiki IMDB
Sherlock official wiki IMDB
The Newsroom official wiki IMDB

One Offs — Mini-series and other things that were stand alone.

Tim Man official wiki IMDB
Alice wiki IMDB
Jekyll wiki IMDB

Dearly Departed — Shows that have been off the air for a while, but I still love and appreciate them.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer wiki IMDB thoughts
Angel the Series wiki IMDB
Chuck official wiki IMDB
Firefly wiki IMDB
Sports Night wiki IMDB thoughts
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip wiki IMDB
The West Wing wiki IMDB
Leverage wiki IMDB thoughts
Fringe official wiki IMDB thoughts

History Lesson — Shows that I’ve watched as a part of my television education (school-wise or other-wise).  Recommended watching for television enthusiasts.

The Dick Van Dyke Show wiki IMDB
The Mary Tyler Moore Show wiki IMDB
Quantum Leap official wiki IMDB
M*A*S*H wiki IMDB
The X Files wiki IMDB


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